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The Language & Culture Archives exists so that ethnolinguistic minority communities benefit from the preservation of and open access to knowledge and resources collected, compiled, or created as the result of SIL's service to these communities in the pursuit of their language development goals.

SIL's online Global Language & Culture Archives contains 34,000 documents, representing 51% of the world's living languages. Approximately 4,100 of these resources are available for download. The other resources cited may be available upon request through SIL International Publications.

The Ethnologue, Languages of the World contains information on 7,102 known living languages. You can explore the 120 living languages of Nepal here. 



Software and Fonts

SIL International has developed language software and fonts. 

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Language maps

View language maps of Nepal. 


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Online Dictionaries of Nepali Languages

Discover the languages of Nepal that have been published online. 

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