SIL Nepal

Literacy & Education

SIL works with local communities, government and non-government agencies and national institutions to establish mother tongue-based literacy and multilingual education programs for children, youth and adults who speak non-dominant languages.

Bilingual Adult Literacy 

SIL is partnering with two organisations, Transformation Nepal and Nepal Lhomi Society, to conduct two bilingual adult literacy programmes. The aim of these bilingual literacy programmes is to equip illiterate or lowly-educated adults with basic literacy and numeracy skills, first in their mother tongue and then transitioning to Nepali. 

Accomplishments (2078-2079) 

ME Tharu Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Literacy Program Completed (Transformation Nepal)
-272 participants completed the literacy classes in Saptari district 

Darai Mother Tongued Based Bilingual Literacy Program Completed (Nepal Lhomi Society)  
-196 participants completed the literacy classes in Chitwan district 

Darai Reading Fluency Program

This program is implemented by Nepal Lhomi Society (NELHOS) in Chitwan district. Extra mother tongue fluency classes were added to this program upon request by the community. 12 mother tongue fluency classes were conducted and 231 participants completed them. Most of the participants enjoyed learning how to read and write in their own language. 

Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education for Children 

SIL Nepal is partnering with Nepali National Languages Preservation Institute (NNLPI) and Nepal Lhomi Society (NELHOS) to implement two Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) programmes. The MTB-MLE programmes aim to provide better education to monolingual non-Nepali speaking children from rural non-dominant language communities, enabling them to integrate successfully into the mainstream Nepali-medium education system through literacy and kindergarten education in their first language.  

Western Tamang Mother-Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB MLE)

SIL Nepal has partnered with NNLPI to implement a four year Western Tamang MTB-MLE program in Dhading district. Since April 2019, four government schools have been participating in this program and now three more schools have joined the program. The Western Tamang community continues to participate and actively contribute. 


-Three schools joined the MTB-MLE program (Thasi Basic School, Jharlang Basic School, and Shri Lekali Basic School). 
-Conducted workshop for MT health and hygiene supplementary material in April 2022. 
-MT curriculum developed (KG-G3) 
-Conducted teacher training (November - 15 teachers and April - 16 teachers)
-Conducted informal reading assessment from KG-G2 in February
-Networking with local stakeholders and district education office
-Advocacy through calendar distribution and SMC meetings

Eastern Tamang (MTB MLE) School Program 

Following requests from the local community, SIL Nepal and NELHOS started an Eastern Tamang MTB-MLE programme pilot in Shree Siddhakali Basic School in Bhotkhola Rural Municipality, Sankhuwasabha District in April 2018. Since April 2019, four schools have been participating in the program and now two more schools have joined the program. 


-Writers workshop for Grade 3 MT book development was done from 20-23 January 2022 in which 14 stories and 16 descriptive writings were collected from 11 teachers. 
-MT teacher training was conducted three times (September, December, and April) for KG-G2 teachers for four schools.
-Teacher training for Math, English, Nepali, and My Surroundings subjects were given three times (in July, November, and April) for G1-G3 of the four ET MLE schools. 
-Training of Trainers (ToT) for the field staff was facilitated by SIL consultants from 11-13 July, 2021, in Math, English and Nepali. 
-Refreshment training on integrated curriculum was given in April 2021 to four schools. 
-ToT for the field staff was facilitated by SIL consultants in December 2021 for the materials development workshop. 
-Local Project Advisory Committee (LPAC) meeting was conducted in Num village, Makalu RM, Sankhuwasabha.