SIL Nepal

Vision and Strategy


SIL works with local communities in Nepal to develop language solutions that expand possibilities for a better life. 

Our vision: We long to see people flourishing in community using the languages they value most. 

Our goals

• Increased academic knowledge and best practices in MLE/Literacy implementation.
• Increased knowledge and understanding of Nepal’s linguistic diversity. 
• Participation of language communities in their own language planning activities.
• Increased access to a growing repository of data on the languages of Nepal in multiple formats.
• Relevant educational interventions that meet the felt need of various language communities.
• Elimination of linguistic barriers and the strengthening of cultural identity and heritage.
• Increased access and engagement in education, with decreased drop-out rates.
• Student's long-term educational success in national-level education.
• Equal access to education, especially in the rural areas.
• Increased capacity of implementers in order to strengthen civil society.
• Economic empowerment especially for women and marginalized groups